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CUSTOMIZE Driving Reflections for Your Business!
Want to see your messages on windshields?
Need help creating the messages?

Driving Reflections are an interactive and exciting new way to learn
and memorize information.

Customized and packaged to reflect your branding
at a low cost!

Businesses want Custom Driving Reflections for -

  • Sales Force Training or Client Training
  • Motivational Tools for Success
  • Unique Promotional Item
  • Expand Marketing Collateral Beyond Books, DVDs & CDs

Whether your goal is to memorize new information -

  • About your product or services
  • Power closing statements to win sales
  • Affirmations for team building
  • Sound bites to coach your staff or clients

Using vision to memorize text in your mind is extremely helpful for recall. A common excuse is “I don’t have enough time” to study.  By having the Driving Reflection messages near your line of vision during drives exposes plenty of opportunity for visualizing and memorizing the messages.  Your commitment for memorization is made easy!

Contact (at)getitinyoursoul(dot)com or call 952-828-6897

Minimum quantities start at 100 units, 16 messages per unit, includes card holder with non-slip pads, package insert and clear bag.

Set-up Fee to convert your messages and art set up -  FREE

Consulting available to create your messages – quote upon request

When ordering custom Driving Reflections, a message template in excel format will be forwarded by email to you. When creating your messages, keeping them short and a maximum of 4 lines (within the excel space allotment guidelines) gives the best result.


 Sample of Custom Packaging (front & back)
for Educator's Week,
IVC School District #321
Chillicothe, IL

 Sample of Custom Packaging (front & back)
for "A" Players OnLine set one,
Thoughts for Today


 Sample of Custom Packaging (front & back)
for "A" Players OnLine set two,
More Thoughts for Today


 Sample of Custom Packaging (front & back)
for Hospice of the Twin Cities,
Excellence in Action


To see a sample Custom Package Template Click Here.

To see a sample Customized Package Click Here.

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